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Due to the Governments announcement of the increase to Alert level 4 - we will be closed. You will be able to order supplies, but they will not be shipped out until after the lockdown is lifted. Kia Kaha and stay safe.

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fondant and icing

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Pastel Pink Buttercream
Pastel Pink Buttercream by Over the Top
Pastel Blue Buttercream
Pastel Blue Buttercream by Over the Top
Pastel Green Buttercream
Pastel Green Buttercream by Over the Top
Orange Buttercream
Orange Buttercream by Over the Top
Pink Chocit
Pink Chocit by Chocit
Red Chocit
Red Chocit by Chocit
Orange Chocit
Orange Chocit by Chocit
Yellow Chocit
Yellow Chocit by Chocit
Green Chocit
Green Chocit by Chocit
Blue Chocit
Blue Chocit by Chocit
Purple Chocit
Purple Chocit by Chocit
Flesh Chocit
Flesh Chocit by Chocit
Ivory Chocit
Ivory Chocit by Chocit
White Chocit
White Chocit by Chocit
Black Chocit
Black Chocit by Chocit
Brown Chocit
Brown Chocit by Chocit

We didn't give the team at Coast Cakes a huge amount of notice, but they were able to make us a beautiful, quality, fruit cake with traditional marzipan/royal icing. Decorated tastefully too. Our parents were thrilled with their 60th Anniversary Cake.
Fleur Nicolson