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sprinkles and decorations

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Green jimmies
Green jimmies by Sprinks
Blue jimmies
Blue jimmies by Sprinks
Mauve jimmies
Mauve jimmies by Sprinks
White jimmies
White jimmies by Sprinks
Pink nonpareils
Pink nonpareils by Sprinks
Red nonpareils
Red nonpareils by Sprinks
Green nonpareils
Green nonpareils by Sprinks
Blue nonpareils
Blue nonpareils by Sprinks
Mauve nonpareils
Mauve nonpareils by Sprinks
White nonpareils
White nonpareils by Sprinks
Mixed nonpareils
Mixed nonpareils by Sprinks
White Pearls
White Pearls by Sprinks
Mixed confetti
Mixed confetti by Sprinks
White confetti
White confetti by Sprinks

Thank you for our beautiful and delicious cake! My daughter loved it!
Stephanie Baird