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fresh as

Fresh As produce the world's most innovative, premium freeze-dried ingredients from New Zealand.

Their range of whole, sliced and powdered fruits uses highest quality raw ingredients and the freeze-drying process intensifies the flavour.

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Plum slices
Plum slices by Fresh-As
Whole Lychee
Whole Lychee by Fresh-As
Feijoa Slices
Feijoa Slices by Fresh-As
Blueberry Powder
Blueberry Powder by Fresh-As
Blackcurrant Powder
Blackcurrant Powder by Fresh-As
Mango Powder
Mango Powder by Fresh-As
Passionfruit powder
Passionfruit powder by Fresh-As
Raspberry Powder
Raspberry Powder by Fresh-As
Strawberry Powder
Strawberry Powder by Fresh-As
Plum Powder
Plum Powder by Fresh-As
Whole Cherries
Whole Cherries by Fresh-As
Pineapple Chunks
Pineapple Chunks by Fresh-As
Mandarin Segments
Mandarin Segments by Fresh-As
Strawberry Slices
Strawberry Slices by Fresh-As
Whole Raspberries
Whole Raspberries by Fresh-As
Blueberry Slices
Blueberry Slices by Fresh-As

I attended a cake decorating class the other night here and had such a great time! I've learnt heaps and my family have really enjoyed sharing it with me. Thanks!
Kerryn Penny