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Coast Cakes Gallery: Cakes for Every Occasion

Looking for a cake that's as unique as your celebration? Browse our gallery of stunning creations, designed to make your event unforgettable.

We specialise in crafting beautful and delicious cakes for all occasions, from birthdays and weddings to graduations and corporate events. Whether you're dreaming of classical elegance, whimisical themes, or a modern masterpiece, our skilled team can bring your vision to life.

Explore our collection of birthday cakes, weddings cakes, and more. We offer a variety of flavours, fillings and finishes to create the perfect combination for you.

Need to include dietary restrictions? We can do that too. We offer Gluten Friendly as well as Vegan.

Not seeing what you're after in the gallery. We've made almost 10,000 cakes over the past 10 years so only a small selection are here, but rest assured, our talented team can help.

Let Coast Cakes be a part of your next celebration

We didn't give the team at Coast Cakes a huge amount of notice, but they were able to make us a beautiful, quality, fruit cake with traditional marzipan/royal icing. Decorated tastefully too. Our parents were thrilled with their 60th Anniversary Cake.
Fleur Nicolson


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